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Are discounts are available?

Will I benefit from a biomechanical assessment ?

What's the difference between a chiropodist and a podiatrist?


How long does an appointment last ?

Your appointment can last anything up to three quarters of an hour, depending on what's required.  It's important to us that you're comfortable, pain-free and that your treatment is thorough. We want you to come back to us so we'll do all we can to make your appointment a pleasant, stress-free experience.

If you suffer with any of the following, then the answer is almost certainly yes.  Flat feet (excessive pronation), pain in the ball of your feet (metatarsalgia), tight calf muscles, achilles tendon pain (tendonitis),  heel pain (plantar fasciitis), pain in your big toe joint (hallux limitus), pain in your lesser toe joints, frequent sprains, shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome), sports/overuse injuries, poor alignment, Morton's neuroma, ankle instability and ankle pain.  Knee pain, hip pain and lower back pain can also be related to alignment/tissue stress problems and may be correctable with the use of orthotics.


During the consultation we'll discuss the problems you're experiencing and how they're affecting you.  Then we'll examine your foot and leg while you're in a standing, sitting and lying position.  We'll also record a short video of you walking that will help to highlight any problems in your gait 'cycle'.  The static examination will highlight any alignment problems (example on the services/prices page) and within a week of visiting you we'll call you to discuss the results.


Biomechanical assessment feedback sometimes elicits that "Eureka' moment when the patient can see and understand why the specific joint pain is occuring.  Sometimes it's not so obvious.  In any case, if we feel you will benefit from orthotics, we will prescribe them, then discuss the options.  Orthotics aren't particularly cheap but they are durable and if you benefit from them, they'll be a friend for life.

Nothing, at least not in the U.K.  I graduated in podiatry, so that makes me a podiatrist though most of my patients refer to me as a chiropodist.   Whether podiatrist or chiropodist, check with the HCPC that your poditarist/chiropodist is registered and licenced before you seek treatment. You can do that by clicking the link below...

We offer discounts to residential care homes and for party bookings (four or more people at the same address).  Please call for details.